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The Honey Bee


The Honey Bee wind chime is inspired by my appreciation of bees. The bar is made from fallen branches I find in my local woodland, and the 21 hexagon shaped pieces of glass are hung by hemp string in a uniform pattern to suggest honeycomb.


Light Amber, Iridised Medium Amber, Dark Amber, Gold on Black, Black, White & Marigold are the colours I have chosen to represent the Honey Bee.












About Bees

To many people bees are simply the fuzzy flying insects we see darting among the flowers during the warmer months but they are actually so much more than this, and have an crucial part to play in maintaining our planet. Where trees and woods are essential to filter our air, bees are vital to both pollinate the food we need to survive and pollinate many of the trees and flowers that provide habitats for wildlife.  I have put together a few pieces of interest about bees from amazing facts, to folk tales, poems, bee identification and conservation. 

Bee Facts & Conservation

Friends of the Earth

This is wonderful resource detailing everything from what trees, plants & flowers are good for bees to facts and conservation tips and information. 

10 Beekeeper Blogs

A list of British Beekeeping Blogs to follow

An Apiarist is the name for someone who runs a hive of bees. These really interesting blogs detail beekeeping and lots more.



Bee Myths & Folktales

International Bee Tales

Raymond Huber is a writer, author, sculptor & bee enthusiast and has compiled some bee myths & folktales from around the world & other bee related material.

Identifying Different Types of Bee

The Woodland Trust

Become a bee expert! There are over 250 species of bee in the UK! This is a simple guide to help identify the most common ones.

The Merry Bee

North East based friend of bees

The Merry Bee creates fun projects with nature at its heart & donates money to Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Check out Sarah’s Instagram to follow her journey.

Newcastle & Tyneside Beekeepers Association

My Local Beekeepers 

If you are interested in learning how more about bees in your area attending talks and supporting the local apiary community this is a good place to start.














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